Friday, November 03, 2006

What do Superheroes Dream?

For about four hours yesterday evening, while you were snacking on cheeze-its and watching reruns on your rooms-to-go sofa, I was busy summoning chain lightning and the will of the goddess in order to secure planet Earth from Mister Sinister. Fighting Dark Angel is no easy task, even with Magneto, Wolverine and Gambit having your back.

Ok, so, I only played Storm on the PS2 XMen II game. And really, no one should attempt pulling off tight spandex costumes and horrific one-liners unless your name is Halle Berry.

Perhaps I logged too many hours saving the world yesterday. This morning I awoke remembering the dream I'd been having that seemed almost too real. Of course, most of it is a blur now that its mid afternoon, but the parts I remember involve me being in a cab with Joe and Joe. And totally irrelevant to the story at hand, but worth mentioning, were both Joe's enjoyment of my obvious offense to the cab drivers' rude commentary. (Thanks, guys) Anyway, we were on a mission to save the world (or at least our neighborhood block) from this elusive serpent who had been reeking havoc on the city.

Cut to the next scene.

As we were closer to the stand-off with Mr. Sinister Serpent, we made time to stop so I could get my hair done. Can't exactly feel like a superhero when you don't look your best, you know. Then it dawned on me, that I did not know this man yielding scissors behind my head. I woke up panicked that I was about to hunt down a ferocious beast.

While having a bad hair day.