Sunday, March 23, 2008

Just when I thought it was over...

So I managed to finish up bootcamp and lo and behold, there's MORE training before I'm finished. I don't think it ever ends, but it's starting to really stress me out - the testing and testing and testing. And for really, in the grand scheme of things, for not a whole lot more than I was bring home ($) before. *sigh*

I want my normal life back.

I miss reading all of your blogs and I can't even begin to catch up on all of you in the few minutes I have during the week. So here is where I tell you all who might be reading - that I hope you are all doing well and keeping up with your goals. AND having a Happy Easter if you celebrate it. I don't, but the easter bunny managed to visit Walgreen's yesterday and bring me chocolate this morning. Cadbury...mmmmm!!!

As for the rest of life, the stress is great for weight loss. I've dropped like 4 pounds in the past two weeks without even really trying. I'm almost at my goal I set for last week and I'm in the 150's for the first time in maybe a decade! 12's are starting to be a little big on me. I'm still running/walking, logging the miles. It's really the only way I can stay sane with the workload.
I'd be on prescription meds for sure if I didn't.

Shoutout to everyone reading!!!
Until next time I can spare 5 minutes...