Monday, August 04, 2008


These are the best two pics I can find of my 'before' self. Neither was taken at my heaviest weight, but they were both probably hovering at around 190-ish.

And lastly, taken Saturday just before heading out to a wine and cheese party, the now shot:

And hurray for my second pair of size 8 jeans!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Temperamental Mouse

I just lost an entire blog due to the extremely sensitive forward/back buttons on the side of my mouse. Poo.

I will try to start over at the beginning...

I have no before/after pics for you yet, but I do have this super cute picture of me with my best friend (she is the one on the left, the one with ridiculous food/body issues, the one who has exercise binges and does the deprivation diets). We were heading out to a girl's night out sponsered by a local radio station here in Atlanta. She's got a Wonder Woman pose goin' on for the camera, and I'm just happy to be going out.

How cute we are!

Anyway, I haven't mentioned that I briefly saw 155 on the scale yesterday, and although I'm sitting at 156.0 this morning, I know that the glimpse of 155 means I'm on the 'lighter side' of 156. That just sounded completely ridiculous, but I know that you ladies know what I mean. ;)

I may not reach my goal of 145 by the cruise, but I am seriously ecstatic with where I am right now with my efforts. I'm even thinking that after I get back from my cruise, after I post my swimsuit edition here, I am kicking the scale habit like so many have before me. I feel like the only reason I'm clinging to it now is because I set a goal and I haven't reached it yet. I feel like if I get rid of my scale now, I'd be giving up on that goal, make sense?

All I know is that today, my only goal is to look as smokin' hot as Thick Chick does in her favorite jeans. Mercy!

Ok, since I'm bored at work and I haven't done one of these in a while...

5 things found in my purse:
actually, it’s a backpack these days due to all of my traveling for work:
*Bluetooth mouse
*a blister band-aid

5 things found in my bedroom:
*An empty ream of paper box that my Jack Russell uses to launch herself onto the bed
*The Other Boyelyn Girl on my nightstand
*A freshly unpacked suitcase
*Dry cleaning hanging on the closet door
*Random jewelry on the dresser

5 things I have always wanted to do:
*Be a super cool singer/songwriter
*Take ballroom dancing and yoga
*Learn to sew and knit
*Paint like my mother
*Have a big garden

5 things I am currently into:
*Getting ready for my cruise
*My getting-sexier-every-day arm muscles
*Tofu stir fry
*That book on my nightstand
*Playing Risk II on my pc