Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Friday, March 02, 2007

Radio That Doesn't Suck

I'm always showin' my love for DaveFM here in Atlanta. They play THE best music (although sometimes a little heavy on the Petty & Talking Heads side) and have the coolest personalities. They'd already won me over with Paste Picks, but now they've gone and done it again with last night's "Dave After Tomorrow" show with Margot and Mara as the special guest.

Last night's theme was country influence in rock. Knowing Mara is a Dixie Chick fan made this especially exciting. Could it be?? That DaveFM was gonna queue up some Chicks for the first time?! And not only did they give the girls a huge shout-out for their grammy wins, courage, and musical influence, they included them among such greats as Lucinda Williams, Ryan Adams, Johnny Cash, Elvis, Dwight, Emmylou & Gram Parsons. The entire two hour segment was incredible - but especially getting to hear "The Long Way Around" on radio - period. Mara said it best, "good music is good music".
Man, I love that chick!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

workin' 8 to 5

All signs are pointing towards me being a full-time employee as of Monday. Or the Monday following (I will know on Monday). Which means I get to...drumroll....SHOP!

As my friend Leann would say: *squeals* :)

Being the unemployed, half-ass employed, unstable, leaching girlfriend that I have been for a couple of years has wreaked havoc on my staples in life. I am slowly starting to build up my collection of stuff after losing most all of it after the divorce. But the introduction to real digits on my paycheck just HAS to be enough to afford this addition to my collection immediately.