Monday, October 09, 2006

Things That Rock

in random order (or as I think of them):

Andybear's ThingsThatRock rights permission
Finding out that garlic comes in fists and ears
Pink toenails
Republican scandals just before mid-terms
Pinot Grigio
Goody Powders
never stepping down from a 21mg patch
a Hello Kitty thermos
being almost finished with the same book for 3 months
Jon Stewart
Clothes that never wrinkle
Anything Martha Stewart does with a pumpkin
Having a job you don't hate
The way I fold t-shirts
Sunsets at Big Sur
Sleepy puppy eyes and doggy butts
Being in love
Jeans that are too big
A perfectly roasted lemon-basil chicken
Hugh Laurie
Coke Zero
the current playlist on iTunes
Using the fireplace for the first time in the fall
Getting my hair cut tomorrow
Eating at a new Greek place tonight

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