Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Sober Up Post

Literally. Before lunch we had our annual company toast to celebrate last year's success and to ring in the new year. Both require a shot of Goldschlager(yep, love my job). The girls and I went to lunch a little giggly and I think the waitress was bordering on clobbering us with the peppermill.

So, in other sobering news, I jumped on the scale for the first time in a month. I was expecting a 5 pound inflation, but was rather pleased with just 2. I'm gonna stick to staying off the scale on a weekly basis just to see how it goes. I like to keep myself in check, but I don't want to use a loss as an excuse to 'celebrate' either. It seems to be working for me.

I have also checked two friends with their 'fat talk' with the simple comeback of "hey, don't talk about my friend XXXX that way!". Seems to be a solid, thought-provoking, unexpected response. Too early to tell if the message is coming across though.

I've been looking for new recipes to try and change up the routine. I've recently become a huge fan of Korean food and have always loved everything Chinese. So I'm going to try making my own steamed dumplings this weekend. Although I'm taking a hint from a Korean friend and using wonton wrappers instead of making the dough. I'm not quite that adventurous yet. Making anything dough related scares the bejeezus out of me. A fear I'm working on conquering as evidenced by the Brie en Croute I made for the holidays this year. Even if I didn't make the dough, I still 'handled' it. Which is a giant step in the right direction.

If the dumplings turn out as planned, I'm hoping to make enough to get another meal out of it by way of dumpling soup.

And one last food mention, if you're not hungry enough after reading this post, I just found a way to make the classic PB&J even better. Why didn't I think of that??!


Carolyn said...

Shooters before lunch.....I like it!

Wow congrats to you for only seeing a 2 lbs gain. That is pretty much AMAZING considering the rest of us are dealing with 5 plus extra poundage!

Mmm PB & J!

Rachel said...

Hey there Birdie (is that what I should call you?) :)
I just stumbled upon your blog and I'm going to mark it on my page so that I can come back later and read about your story. Sounds like you've done fabulously!
I made knitting one of my goals for the new year too. Do you think you'll take lessons or learn from a book? Just curious...

Anonymous said...

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