Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Holy Trinity and the Big 2-0

Tomorrow I weigh in.

No big deal. I do it every Friday like clockwork. Actually, every morning, after I pee (don't laugh - sometimes it makes a half pound difference!), before I put on an ounce of clothing, I step up on those cold, glass digital scales to check my progress. Sometimes I even jump on before bedtime to estimate what the number will be the next morning. Hell, I probably get my weekly cardio from scale hopping alone.

But tomorrow will be different. Tomorrow I anticipate the loss that will - finally - put me at my 10% loss goal and the 20 pound loss total mark.

Hooray me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, it's been slow. It's taken me since March. I've been stuck at the 177/175 mark since July 4th. But I'm a firm believer in losing slow. It's much easier to keep off when your body has time to adjust. People are finally starting to notice a difference and that's very encouraging. When they ask me how I've done it, I tell them about the holy trinity of my weight loss: Walking, Water, and Weight Watchers. ( that 4 W's or 3? Shit!!)

There are alot of weight loss programs out there, but I know that Weight Watchers is the only plan that will teach me how to eat normal, grocery store foods and keep off the weight once I've reached my goal. I have friends who've tried low-carb, low-fat, low-food-altogether diets only to gain it all back, plus some. It makes no sense to teach yourself how to eat on a diet that isn't practical and won't allow the foods you love. You're just setting yourself for failure. I'd much rather go with a plan that is realistic and fits the way I live.

I have a few mini-goals I've set for myself to keep on track this fall.

I have some shopping money I've set aside for when I reach 167 pounds. That's about 6 pounds away from my current weight. And I can't wait to buy new jeans!!

Joe and I are attending his cousin's wedding on October 20th. I'd like to be at 160 by then. That's 13 pounds in 7 weeks. (I better get my walkin' shoes out!)

There's a 5k I plan to participate in next month, so what better motivation to step it back up to 12 miles a week! And besides, I can't exactly look like an out of shape loser when I'm the co-captain of our team. It's my first anythingK. Should be fun.

Wish me luck!

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