Monday, September 25, 2006

Looking for September

What the hell happened to September?

October stares me in the face and I now have just a few short weeks to plan a vacation I've been looking forward to for six years. The flight is booked. We leave for Toronto on October 26 and return on Halloween. We'll get back just in time to completely miss all of the trick-o-treaters this year. I guess my sweet festive finds at last years' Target clearance will have to wait another year to get any use.

The highlight of this trip will be getting to meet my longtime friend, Tracy, and her family for the first time. We've been friends since 2000, but we've never had a chance to meet. Tracy is my favorite friend. I admire her energy, envy her beauty and am sometimes paralyzed by her baby jesus wit. I'm looking forward to laughing beside her and calling her 'woman' as often as possible.

The big event of this vacation will be seeing the Dixie Chicks that Saturday evening at the Air Canada Centre. I've already ordered the custom vintage style tshirts for Tracy and I to wear to the show. We'll be dorks...and I can't wait!

I still haven't decided where we'll be staying, as all the rates of in-town lodging are making me nauseous. After discovering that Niagra Falls is only an hour away from Toronto, and I've never been, AND the hotel rates are super cheap, we might head there for the first couple of days. Then we'll head back into Toronto that Saturday and check in somewhere downtown for the night of the show. After that, who knows.

But I'm thinking somewhere Waterloo-ish.

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