Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Damnit. Out of complete starvation I agreed to have Cici's pizza for dinner tonight. I feel like a bloated cow. I must've had at least a thousand calories with what I stuffed my face with. Yuck. And it wasn't even that good. I would've much rather had a big fat double hamburger at mcdonalds for half that.
Booo me.

So I had the guilt run tonight for a mile to burn some of it off. What else can you do but jump back on the wagon as soon as possible right?

Man, sushi would've been SO much better.

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ThickChick said...

Ha! It sounds like you've already recovered and hopped back on the wagon after the pizza. I HEART pizza... but it totally sucks that it wasn't DELICIOUS pizza.

Anyhoo - way to head out for a run, guilt-induced or not.