Monday, January 05, 2009

My New Year

Starts tomorrow.

I'm officially back to work. No vacation to look forward to for quite a while. Back to the grind. Back to the gym. And back to the grocery store for the usual healthy fare.

I have YET to step on the scale since that post I made earlier last month. It's an accomplishment. Although at the same time, it's also denial about excessive celebration and consumption over the past two weeks. I'm gonna guess I'm up 5 pounds. Big deal. I'm not stressing over it. THAT is the real accomplishment.

I do have this thing called a wedding right around the corner that is going to give me a kick in the arse to get back on track. I'm not so concerned about losing weight for it though. I just want a taut tummy and nice arms to compliment a beautiful sleeveless dress. My plan is to concentrate on those areas with weights and pilates and continue the cardio to burn off any extra calories I consume on the weekends.

I've been reading so many posts about resolutions that I feel I must make mention of my own here. They have NOTHING to do with weight. And I don't feel like making a resolution about working out or being healthy because that is a constant goal for me. My new resolution this year is to learn to knit. I wanna make scarves and hats...and in a couple of clothes! :)

Hope that all of you are keeping up with your resolutions so far.

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Charlie Hills said...

I've been reading lots of posts about resolutions/goals this week, but I have to admit, this is the first time I've seen "learn to knit!" Good luck!