Friday, May 16, 2008

yeah yeah

Steady at 160.8 this morning. (I was 160.0 yesterday morning - Again I say, stupid scale!)

I imagine the demolishing of tuna salad AFTER dinner last night did not help. I had only eaten 400 calories by the time dinner was on my plate, so I was famished. Not a good plan.

Ah well. I still feel back on track. Still writing everything down. Trying to workout as much as possible, including strength training additions to my runs this week. I found the perfect circuit training set in a Fitness magazine that kicked my butt with squat/dumbell combos and planks.

Looking back over my food journal for the week, here are my observations:

  • I desperately need to buy groceries. This 'emptying the pantry' mission is starting to limit my healthy eating options.
  • I'm averaging around 1400 calories a day. I think. See next bullet point.
  • I'm still not measuring exact sizes. I'm eyeballing. This is something I need to work on next week.
  • The lack of fruit appearing on these pages is appaling. The grocery excursion will definitely need to include a selection of 'new' fruits I haven't had in a while - grapes and bananas might be good. Perhaps a smoothie for breakfast will help with the fruit intake. Any other ideas out there?
  • I need to ditch the pretzel snack I go for at around 3pm and go back to nuts or a Fiber One bar instead. Those wasabi almonds are really calling my name.
  • Clearly, I love vegetables. But I tend to think of them as free foods that I don't have to measure. Do I really need to?

So the goal for next week is to incorporate these into my food plan AND be in the 150's by next Friday. I'm gonna kick me some 160's ass next week!

On a side note, taking our puppies to the lake tomorrow. It's their first time (that we know of) being in water. Should be a blast!

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