Wednesday, November 14, 2007

No Surprises

I'm true to my pattern again this week. After a good substantial loss, I always gain or stay the same the following week. This week I'm up .2. Not shocking at all.

If there's a bright side, it's that I am learning how my body likes to lose weight, and that keeps me from losing motivation knowing that a so-so week is just part of the deal for me. So yay for not being deflated over a .2 gain.

Aside from the cheese and wine incident last Friday, I've been doing pretty great with my food intake. I'm not doing as well as I could substituting the apple for the Jello pudding snack, and I totally have an addiction to the baked Lay's with cheddar & sour cream, but there's still plenty to be proud of - including walking right past 3 boxes of donuts and muffins AND a homemade chocolate cake in the breakroom yesterday without touching any of it. I work with a bunch of evil bastards, I tell ya.

The new running shoes (made by Ryka - anyone tried them before?) are breaking in nicely and I'm totally kicking ass on my goal of running at least half the distance. I may be a good bit above half actually. And it feels great! There's this KILLER hill in our subdivision I save for last and last night I noticed I wasn't even winded at the top! I'm still managing only about 3.5 miles 4 or 5 times a week. I'd like to be at 4, but I have to be realistic and set time limits on exercise. Otherwise, I'd be out walking for 2 hours every night. I'm doing planks (3 for about 40 seconds each) and some arm weights while I watch TV to try and get in some upper body and core work. It's not much, but it's a start.

This weekend the holiday blur begins. Saturday morning I have a wedding consultation at The Foundry Park Inn in Athens (which means I could have a date set on Saturday!) and going over to my crafty friend Jolene's to make christmas cards that afternoon. Sunday I am prepping my living room/hallway/foyer/dining room area for repainting over Thanksgiving. Joe and I are taking the week off to get it all done. Thanksgiving we'll go to his parents and then the 2nd annual hockey game with our friends, and then at some point during the weekend, we'll go visit my mom. The rest of the time will be spent with a roller in hand. Joy, joy. (notice the sarcasm)
Ah well, it needs to be done and what better time than before the holidays, right?

The weekend after Thanksgiving I'm hosting a post-bachelorette party for a friend of mine whose matron of honor somehow managed to miss that detail of being the highest ranking member of the wedding party. She's already tied the knot, but loved the idea of having a girl's night out, so I'm getting the limo for us girls and we're going to a nice dinner in Decatur, followed by dessert at The Chocolate Bar (a new awesome dessert bar), and karaoke at the Irish Pub here in Conyers. Should be a blast!

The next several weeks after that are a hodgepodge of my own holiday parties and parties of friends, so you can bet I'll have my ass in the kitchen quite a bit! This is the one time of year when my Martha gets to come out and play. Hee, and I don't mean anything off-color by that at all. HAhahahaha...sometimes I crack myself up!!! Could you imagine referring to your hoo-hoo as Martha??! Oh dear....ahem.

ANYWAY, the real Christmas challenge is just beginning for me. Somehow I am doubting that I will reach my 13 pound goal, but a little more than halfway at this point isn't too bad. I think NOT gaining anything over the next month is going to be much harder than losing what I have the last 3 months! I WILL BE STRONG! And I will not be having that cigarette with the glass of wine! Funny, I really don't even think about smoking anymore until someone reminds me that I use to. Perhaps I really am a non-smoker now.


Oh, weigh in for the week is 167.4. +.2 from last week.
Goal for 12/25 is 160.

Just reminding myself.


Cory said...

Great attitude! Since you know to expect a gain after a good loss this is nothing to you, right? Glad things are going well, and good job on that run. That's so great!

ThickChick said...

First of all, it is totally admirable to stop the losing nonsense and focus on MAINTAINING over the holidays. For many people, that is the only realistic approach to take.

Second of all... CONGRATS on being a non-smoker! That rules!

Third... I hate painting, but love decorating and re-doing rooms, so I have some major sympathy for you on the home improvement front.

And finally... I am MAJORLY addicted to Baked Sour Cream and Cheddar Ruffles. Like can't-help-but-eat-the-whole-bag addicted. I had to quit cold turkey about a year and a half ago. They're too f#$%ing salty and delicious, even if they are neon orange.

Tara said...

Well congratulations on the no smoking thing. That is an amazing feat that lots of people can't overcome! Second, good attitude on the +.2, it's no big deal. Third, you're not the only one that's not going to hit their goal for the Christmas Challenge. I'm not even going to hit half of my goal, I don't think. Not for lack of trying of course! ;) Stay strong through the holidays, you can do it!!

Crabby McSlacker said...

I second (or third) the congrats on the non-smoking. And I love the idea of a post-bachelorette party! So much stress before the wedding, so it might be a more relaxed fun time to go out with the girls afterwards. Sounds like so much fun.

Wow, the Chocolate bar sounds awesome too--wish we had one here!

Roni said...

You know your pattern, that's a huge battle won! GREAT ATTITUDE!

CaRoLyN said...

Mmm Sour Cream and Cheddar baked lays. Seriously. Why are they so good????

Good for you for not getting down about a small gain. You know you'll be extra happy when you see a nice loss next week!

I know what you mean about the real challenge starting now. Every weekend from now until Christmas we are booked up for parties, family events, baking days, Christmas parades etc. We can so do this though!!! We can get through the Holidays and still lose!! Or at least maintain!!

Swizzlepop said...

My body does the same thing in regards to the big loss then gain or teensy loss. I think it just doesn't want to let go of the fat. At leaset you know your pattern though and that helps a lot.

Hope you got your painting done and avoided the cigarette. Something about alcohol just makes it seem better though. (I used to smoke too)