Monday, November 19, 2007

Thankful For

...all of the holiday eating survival tips that have surfaced over the past week!
(Ok, and yes, pumpkin pie, ya got me)

While alot of them are common sense, I've chosen these four as my mantra for Thursday's feast:


(the water, that is)

It's the only thing I can count on to make me not hungry and to keep me that way.

2. Take only about 3 bites of the things that you want.

I like this one. I agree that I really only remember the first and last bite of it anyway, so why bother with the rest?

3. Sit next to the slowest eater.

I am SO guilty of inhaling my food - but when I'm around slower eaters it makes me more conscious and I tend to slow down. This could work...

4. Wear the skinny jeans to dinner!

Not only will everyone tell me how fabulous I look in those new 12's I just bought, but I won't be able to overstuff myself without developing a muffin top either!

I have to admit that I'm also thankful that my man's family's thanksgiving dinner food isn't the greatest. It basically consists of every possible vegetable in a mayo or soup-based casserole - ugh. So this year, I'm taking my kick ass sweet potato souffle that I take every year (it's just not thanksgiving without it, and mine is the best!) and a SALAD! I'm looking forward to seeing how many takers there are on the salad...

oh, and that gives me an impromptu #5:

Half of my plate will be that salad.

Rock on, my fellow turkey lovers.


ThickChick said...

These are GREAT tips Adora!!
I wish my mother's cooking was gross...but it's not...its heaven!

I don't know if I can stick with 3 bites, but I'll definitely take your water plan and skinny pants ideas into consideration... and I'll add my own: go for long run T-giving day!

katieo said...

These ARE awesome tips! I didn't even think of the skinny jeans one, lol!

I'm with thickchick. I don't know if I can stick to the 3 bites, but the salad and water- totally. :)

CaRoLyN said...

I'm loving the plan! Especially the salad part. I'm going to bring one to my dinner as well! Thanks!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Oh man does that pumpkin pie look good...

Lots of water, veggies, turkey, cranberry, easy on the spuds and stuffing, then... pie! That's my plan, anyway.

Have a great thanksgiving!

Sarah said...

I love the three bite rule. I will try it at my next big dinner event (no Thanksgiving for us Canadians this weekend)

BTW, I followed the link from Hot Thick Chick's site, thought I would say Hi!