Thursday, November 29, 2007


Between trying to plan a wedding (which is officially October 25, 2008, by the way), a bachelorette party, and 2 christmas parties in the next 30 days, my blog is suffering. Luckily, my eating habits are NOT!

I don't know if my metabolism has decided to pick back up since I've quit smoking (I heard Oprah's trainer say that quitting smoking actually does affect your body's chemistry and makes it very hard to lose and quit at the same time - so yay me! I'm awesome!) or maybe just not obsessing about every little thing is the key, but whatever the reason, I managed to lose again this week without half trying!

I've been too sick, exhuasted and busy to get more than one good walk in since last week. I've cooked pasta for dinner for the last two evenings - something I don't EVER do. I just haven't felt focused on 'the plan', but maybe I've been doing it so long that I'm unconsciously ON even when I don't think I am.

Who knows. But I will take my .8 loss this week as a blessing and encouragement to focus harder next week.

And with this loss, 4.8 to go until I reach that Christmas Goal!

I remember saying when I signed up for the challenge that I wanted to be wearing a size 12 to the company party this year. Actually, it looks like it might even be a 10!

Here's something I just got in my inbox. Pics are always fun! This is me & Joe at Thanksgiving. Look! You can see my collar bones and no double chin! Holy skinny cow! I almost look THIN in this pic!

Hope everyone is having a great week!


Christy said...

You look fantastic in that picture!! And congrats on losing while quitting smoking!!!

Anne said...

You look great and congrats on quitting :)

Glam said...

You look lovely (and happy!) in your pic!

You deserve a superhero award for losing lard and your cancer sticks! ;) Impressive!

CaRoLyN said...

Congrats on staying OP! That is fantastic! Sound slike you have a busy month coming up.

congrats ont he loss too and you look smokin hot in the picture!!

Cory said...

You look awesome in that pic!!! Congrats for staying OP while giving up the cancer sticks. That's a great achievement!

Tara said...

You don't "almost look think" You LOOK thin. Period. You look great!! I like that shirt too!