Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Unplanned

A monkey wrench right in my perfectly planned week of festivities and projects arrived yesterday in the form of some nasty head cold/sinus infection funk. Bleh. The first time I'm sick in over a year couldn't have been more ill timed. I have too much to do to feel like crap! And between the paint fumes and cold meds, you are lucky if any of this has made sense so far.

I did manage to escape the dreaded Thanksgiving dinner disasters. I didn't feel up to making the salad, but I still filled half of my plate with green items - beans & collards. I rounded it out with a small serving of the white bird meat and about three bites of my sweet potato souffle. I had seconds on the green beans and shared a slice of triple chocolate cheesecake with my honey (that he made all by himself!). Not a bad day at all. We even left all of the remaining dishes for everyone else to take home (a nice advantage of not having the dinner at your own place).

I can't say I've been completely on plan all week though. I've been so busy, I am starving by the time I realize it's past time for lunch or dinner. Such moments lead to ordering of pizza. I doubt this will be ANY good for my weigh in next week, but I tried to be somewhat healthy and left off the cheese. Anybody have any ideas on what a slice is from Papa John's thin crust without cheese?

I totally forgot to post my WI from yesterday. The scale was kind: 165.6. Down 1.8 for the week. 5.6 from my christmas challenge goal with 4 weeks to go. We shall see....


CaRoLyN said...

Wow sounds like the scale is loving you this week! I hate being sick, it always throws off my eating pattern. Whebever I am sick, I always crave carbs for some reason especially when I am just starting to feel better.

Congrats to you on the Thanksgiving day accomplishment! Sound slike you did great and the cheesecake sounds yummy!

Glam said...

I'm in the sick boat with ya! Hit me with a vengeance yesterday! I ate to make myself feel better ;) Didn't work!

Congrats on the 1.8! I'm always impressed when people lose weight during the holidays. Well done!

Swizzlepop said...

Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving despite the food. Hope your cold didn't last too long. Congrats on the loss!