Monday, December 10, 2007

Checkin' in

I managed a tiny loss last week (1.0 lb) And for that I am SO thankful! I have had to employ the most stellar of eating habits during the week to make up for all the festivities. I'm now 3.8 away from my Christmas goal, and with 2 weeks to go, it *could* happen.

BUT, I'm worried about WI this week...chinese food, wine, eggnog, cupcakes, peppermint bark, sausage balls, bacon wraps were all a part of my weekend. Our Christmas party for our friends was Saturday night, which wasn't SO bad. I even ate a healthy dinner BEFORE the party started AND drank all of my water. I nibbled here and there, probably more than I would have had it not been for the wine, but overall, I escaped with little injury. THAT was Saturday. I will share a bit of advice with you all about the day after: put up any food the night before!! I awoke Sunday morning a little dehydrated of course and starving, so I managed to ruin the day 30 minutes into it with the leftovers lying around(cookies & M&M's). F)%*(&@#&@!!!
I proceeded to ruin it even further last night by choosing to order chinese instead of getting my ass up and going to the grocery store (we were cleaned out on everything to eat from the party). I'm paying dearly today with a major case of bloat. And I couldn't even make myself step on the scale this morning.

On top of it fitness goals for the month are going on the backburner for now. And I really hate this since I'm seeing all of you guys setting fitness goals, but I'm barely managing to get my cardio miles in! AND I haven't even done a lick of shopping besides what I got for Joe. I'm seriously behind. Whoever said (I think it was Randi) that dieting should be just a summer thing, I have to agree.

But I think the break from it all during the holidays may be just what I need to get back to it in January.

In the meantime, a couple of tiny goals for the week just so my whole world doesn't crumble:

- get in 12 miles somehow
- give away the rest of the damn cupcakes and peppermint bark

You may now commence to kicking my ass:

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Randi said...

*kick* *kick* *slap* oops sorry got carried away. hehe

You know what I've started doing, I don't know if it's a good idea or not but I feel better about it. I give myself Saturday night to be bad. I can eat baking or order pizza or drink booze or all of the above. But if I only do it on saturday night then I think it's a success. From what I understand, even though 3500 calories is a pound, if you eat them all at once, then it won't all be gained as fat. Your body can't do it that fast. It's just when you spread it over a whole week that you gain. Plus it helps to reassure your body and metabolism that you're not starving it and it keeps working. Also helps with any cravings if you know you CAN have it, but not until Saturday.

Also, so sorry about the spreadsheet. I've updated it now and it shows all the same as you have. So I guess it will be right for the last week!