Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Raise your hand if you're over the damn holidays!!

Too much wine, too many shots, and WAY too much eggnog, grandma's fudge, coconut cake and m&ms. I fear it will not be a pretty sight at the scale on Friday.

BUT although I was totally kicking my own ass about the numbers last night, I'm totally not stressing about it today!

I feel this strange and unfamiliar motivation urging me to get back on the the wagon with a vengence that I haven't felt since early November. See, this weekend was the first time since joining WW last March that I've completely let all of my self control fly out the window. And it's led me to realize that I absolutely hate the feeling of being out of control! I found myself eating anything within reach as if I were a starving zombie (and I will even confess to then spitting it out in the garbage when my taste buds reminded me of what I had done - yikes!). And I certainly don't like the depression that follows my actions when I've been that way.

So, even though I have a major uphill battle to climb this week to get back on track, I have had a valuable reminder of why I started this to begin with and why I will continue - not on January 7 as previously mentioned. But TODAY!!

Who's with me??!


Swizzlepop said...

I'm there enxt to you! My eating has been horrible from eating too much to not at all and definitely TOO MUCH WINE! TOday is a new day and I am going to eat breakfast (healthy) and try and make it a healthy day. THe scale is the lowest it's been ever but I suspect it's not for good reasons.
Can't say I'm with you 100% but I'm trying, so if nothing else I'll be there next to you :).

ThickChick said...

You're so brave....this work-related bootcamp sounds WAY too serious. 12 hour days for 6 weeks?
Pardon my french... H%^Y S#*T!!
Hang in there.....