Friday, December 21, 2007

And to all a good weigh in!

This is probably my last post before Santa's arrival, so I'm ending my Christmas Challenge with a loss of .4 for the week. That puts me at 4.4 away from my goal, but I'm pretty happy with what I've accomplished in spite of the holiday fare over the past month. I'm continuing the rest of the holiday season in maintanence mode, but I vow to be back to weight loss mode on January 7. That's the day we return from our annual employee appreciation bash (which is an entire weekend at The Don Cesar in St. Pete, Florida this year - sunshine, baby, yeah!!!). I think someone around here *cough Randi and Carolyn cough* should propose a Spring Break Challenge to get our asses in gear for bathing suit season! Not that you'll see my ass in a bathing suit anytime soon, but just seeing them on the racks makes me want to have the option, you know?

Anyway, the food here in the office sent from clients and brought in by employees has been just plain out overwhelming. I've been holding out for the most part, excluding the 2 chocolate covered raspberries and 2 toffees on Wednesday and a handful of Mud Buddies yesterday. Actually, a coworker noticed I was eating yesterday and was curious to know which treat from the kitchen I had decided to nibble on. She almost seemed disgusted to find out it was an apple, and that made me really proud. :D

A side note in reference to yesterday's Pottery Barn rant, I was thrilled to see a sincere apology from them in my inbox this morning along with a $50 gift certificate which is also good at Williams Sonoma! I'll be doing a little late kitchen gadget shopping for myself in a few weeks - hooray!

As I may have mentioned, after the holidays are over I will be training my replacement for two weeks and then starting 'boot camp' on Jan 17th. Boot camp is basically a 6-week, 12-hour a day, intense training course here at my company where you learn the details of our company, the industry and our software. Only a few more than half make it through the class, the rest go to the unemployment line. I have an advantage in that I've already been here a year (but in a position that did not require getting through the training) and I also happen to live with one of the QA testers for the new version of the software that's being used in training this time. The biggest obstacle for me, I believe, will just be the disruption to my normal routine. I will have to plan my meals even harder and pack more food to get through the 12-hour days, but it's not impossible. Oddly, I'm actually even looking forward to the challenge.

It looks as though they're letting us go home early here today, so I should get back to work tying up some loose ends.

Merry Christmas, Ya'll!

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