Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Freakin' Holidays to you too, Pottery Barn.

This letter pretty much sums up how my shopping experience has been this year. Hope you guys are more ready for the holiday than I am.

Dear stupid f*$#s at the Pottery Barn:

(no I didn't say that in the real letter, but I should've)

Last Wednesday (12/12/07) I placed my first, and what may very well be my last order with the Pottery Barn. After I placed my order , I continually checked back on the progress on your website only to find it still "in progress" a week later. Upon calling your customer service line yesterday, I was told by Ellie that my order appeared to be lost and that 2 of my items were now out of stock and I would not be able to get them. This was SO disappointing - as they were two of my main christmas gifts that were going to be given during our dinner this coming Saturday. Not only would I not have any gifts, I would have to make time to go and choose alternatives in just 2 days!! Meanwhile, I asked for those 2 items to be cancelled and since the rest of my order was in stock, I asked Ellie to please expedite those items for Saturday delivery.
I did receive an email today (Thursday) that my items had been shipped. To my surprise, the 2 items I was told were not in stock were shipped!! The good news is that I will have the gifts I originally wanted. The bad news is that I will have to make ANOTHER trip to the mall today to return the gift I bought in replacement for them last night. The straw that is absolutely breaking the camel's back here is that I just found out that my items will not arrive until MONDAY! This is just completely unacceptable considering I placed my order LAST WEDNESDAY!
I do not want to cancel my order, however, due to your failure, my parents will now not receive their gifts until after Christmas - possibly spring! I am so very disappointed. I was very much looking forward to being a long time customer of the Pottery Barn. I had recently gotten my first catalog and couldn't wait to get my first order. I am very let down that a ruined christmas would be my first and last experience.

A. Vaughn

So now thanks to them and Barnes & Noble, half of my presents won't be here until Monday - 2 days too late. I'm having to try REAL REAL hard to keep up the Christmas spirit, people. *sigh*

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Swizzlepop said...

That REALLY SUCKS! I can't believe they effed up your order that bad. I would call first thing after you get your order and complain again and demand a refund on the shipping and maybe even part of your order. Glad you got Ellie's name so that you have some documentation.

I hope you have a great holiday despite the incompetence of PB.