Saturday, December 29, 2007

Some Favorite Holiday Memories

Merry Christmas from Joe & Mandy

Preparing the feast.
Observe that I am merely drinking a White Russian and not helping in the least bit.

Our lovely and healthy Christmas Eve Dinner - YUM!
courtesy of Nicole & Zetty

Faithful friends who are dear to us...
Me & Nicole

Outside lights...

and the inside lights...aww!!

Mandy and Joe ornaments!

Christmas Grayci with her jingle on.

The culprit of last week's gain.
I cooked for three days...

Me with my new haircut & Joe's niece, Cheyenne.

Joe with his grandmothers, Mary & June.
They're the BEST grandmas ever!
(notice Joe's tacky sweater I made him)

Yuehli, Amanda and I at
Amanda's Tacky Sweater/Guitar Hero 3 Party.

I hope that you all had holidays just as wonderful as we did!!


Swizzlepop said...

Your Christmas dinner looks yummy except for the meat (I don't eat meat or port).
And in the White Russian picture, you are supervising ;), I do it all the time, it's really a lost art LOL.
Great pictures, looks like you had lots of fun and the tacky sweater party looks hilarious!

ThickChick said...

Your new haircut is adorable! You're a babe!
Thanks for sharing the photos.

katieo said...

Love the new haircut and all the pictures. WHat a fantastic holiday!

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