Thursday, January 10, 2008

A New Year

This official first week back from the holidays has been exhausting!

First, Let me back up and say that my holidays were amazing, ending with the big 'ol beach bash at St. Pete. I had an awesomely cute dress that I punked out with some black tights and black ankle boots - hot! And most of the pics I've seen of me from all angles don't make me want to photoshop them. Especially this one:

And we really were having that much fun!

But it's good to be back in the swing of things. I've been so busy training my replacement that I haven't had a chance to comment on many of your blogs, but I AM reading them all! It's comforting to know that I was not alone in my overindulgences of the past month. I too have found myself hiding the scale this week so as to not get down on myself about the past that I can do nothing about. BUT, I've been totally back OP this week, and although I did partake of the tiny cakes and tartlettes this past weekend, we forced ourselves to go to the hotel gym on Friday and walk on the beach for 2 hours on Saturday. I don't feel like the damage was severe.

Regardless, I'm ready to face the numbers tomorrow - and I feel pretty good about it. Or at least I do in my clothes.

I haven't really had a chance to think about any resolutions aside from reading a book a month (which was one I failed to do last year). I have a feeling this one will be easy with all the travel time I'll accumulate before the end of the year. I also want to learn to knit. More on resolutions to come...

I do have a loss goal that I'd like to meet by Spring (March 31st): 10 pounds.
I'm guessing that will put me at around 155, depending on tomorrow's weigh in. I would like to have a fitness goal, but I think my upcoming 12-hour days are going to make getting in any exercise an achievement. I plan to keep pounding the pavement though! Nothing better for the stress of trying to plan a wedding and start a new position!!

I really should not be blogging at all tonight. My christmas tree still stands. Seriously.


ThickChick said...

Welcome back! Glad you had such lovely holidays - you truly look incredible in that photo!!

Swizzlepop said...

You're back! YAY:). Sounds like you had a great Christmas and New Year. 2 hour beach walk sounds lovely. Good luck at WI tomorrow!