Friday, January 18, 2008

My solution to the girl's night dilemma

So, first off, I didn't mean to keep you all in suspense this morning about girl's night. The boot camp that I have mentioned before - and let me clarify is work related and does not in any way involve circuit training or exercise - started today and I've been away from my usual desk. I will be for the next 6 weeks, making blogging anywhere but home nearly impossible. Hence, the abbreviated post this morning regarding my weigh in.

As for girl's night, I did end up going. I didn't have time to make anything to bring, so I just ate a normal dinner beforehand. Luckily, I had some dental work done earlier that day, so I used that as an excuse (not completely a lie) for the tiny portions I took. But it was still not pretty. A handful of regular white grain pasta with pesto, three slices of baguette with brie, three glasses of wine (which I had planned for) and the worst of all - the creme brulee. I only eat ate half the ramekin, but at 11 points for the entire serving, even a bite was dangerous! I ended up logging 40 points for my day yesterday. No doubt part of the reason for my .2 gain today, but good thing I'd saved my flex points!

And I've made up my mind that the particular girl hosting this event is a diet saboteur. Do any of you have friends like this? I couldn't believe that she was judging another girl there (psst...she's new to the blog world. give her a little hello if you have a chance) for still being hungry after she was the one who made a meal that could go down in the 'weight watcher's worst nightmare cookbook'. Even worse, she went so far as to point out the light version of the creme brulee in her cookbook. Ummmm, hello?! Did it not occur to her that would have been a better choice in respect to her guests?! I'm a little baffled by it. I always consider other people's needs, especially when I'm the host. Am I wrong in thinking this way??


Swizzlepop said...

So not knowing the skinny girl I can't really say if she was sabatoging things or not. I know some people don't thing that a LF version of a "classic" dish is good enough. Shit my mom who does her 4 day on 3 day off version of WW refuses to make healthier options knowing that the husband and I are on WW, not to mention so is she, AND my dad could use to lose some weight. It's like some weird mental block.
Now if skinny chick is being mean then screw her and don't let her host anymore and next time you do make a kick ass WW friendly, LF spread and don't even tell her. Or make her special portions that have extra Crisco ;)
Sounds like you did pretty good considering what the options were. Bread, brie and wine? I could live off those if it was healthy ;p

ThickChick said...

Oh man.... damn skinny chicks. They just don't understand.

I doubt she was deliberatly trying to sabotage you and the other WW'er... After all - she IS your friend... But she probably doesn't think to make healthier options since she seems to be blessed with a genetically thin bod.

Perhaps next time you and WW'er friend could find a way to gently remind her that you're both counting points and indicate that a healthy meal would be beneficial to all.