Thursday, January 17, 2008

Girl's Night Dilemma

So tonight is girl's night hosted at the super skinny girl's house. I hear she's making creme brulee. There will also be brie. And the other three of us are either on weight watchers or being mindful of what we eat.

I think it's completely thoughtless of her and I'm thinking about just bringing my own food to eat. Would it be rude? Or should I just not go?


Sarah said...

I say bring a salad or some healthy dish, not just for yourself, but "to help her" with the food. Then everyone watching their diets can fill their plate with the healthy option and just have tastes of the decadent stuff. And hopefully she won't even notice!

Jewels said...

I think Sarah has a good point. You cannot just not show up because us bigger people cannot miss out on our social life because of food. We need those skinny friends to show them how sexy we are and rub it in their face. Good luck tonight!

Glam said...

Definitely take some of your own food. Let her eat her creme brulee and brie and in a couple months she'll be on weight watchers with the rest of you! ;)

I agree with the above... go and have a good time. Don't miss out on girl time because of a little food temptation.

ThickChick said...

Yes, definitely go... but lean on your fellow WW'ers for strength and definitely bring a fruit plate or salad or something tasty that you'll feel okay eating!