Wednesday, July 09, 2008

52 days!

52 days until the boat leaves the port.

52 days until my 35th birthday (huh? how the hell could that even be possible?? even if my slowing metabolism and coarsened peach fuzz declare that it must be so??!)

52 days until I wear a bathing suit while I strike the best skinny pose I can for the camera.

And post it here for the world to see!

If you recall back some time ago, I took that challenge to post a bathing suit pic after I return from the cruise September 6. I'm still holding to it. I predict you will all be on the edge of your seats, refreshing my blog at light speed in anticipation of the grand event that day.

Especially any lurking, pervy ex-boyfriends who will just have to settle for me being *somewhat* clothed. Ahem.

Dear lord baby jesus. What have I done.

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