Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Somebody pass the biofreeze

I cranked up the incline on the treadmill yesterday at the gym.

Ouchie. :(

I've been focusing more on my arm work lately and it's amazing how fast you see results! The tricep jiggle is minimal today and it's so motivating to keep it up.

I think I may be in for another good loss this week although it is rather too early to tell. And by good loss I mean a pound. It's almost impossible for me to lose more than that a week without starving or spending every waking minute I'm not at work on the treadmill. I'm just happy that I'm actually losing again.

OH! And I'm wearing shorts today. To the office. I KNOW!!! But dangit, I've worked hard for cute legs. I'm gonna show 'em off!

Ok, have a great week. I'm off to book a massage.

1 comment:

Glam said...

Shorts at work?! Only a dream for me I'm afraid. But you rock those short, girl! I bet that extra incline is making your muscles pop!