Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Yanked to White Plains

I love it when I'm given notice on a Friday that I'll be going out of town on business the following Monday - LOVE IT. Especially when it's White Plains, NY. UGH!

I think if I went the rest of my life without going there again, it would be equivalent to winning the lottery. Difficult client, to say the least. We're sent on a mission trip and expecting the building to be in flames when we arrive from the sound of it, but it was quite the opposite. They just have a crappy system administrator without a spine required to do his job. I think it's time we fired this client.

Ok, vent is over. Now on to the stuff you really care about. You have requested before/after pics and I promise they're on the way to ya. I found the 'before', just gotta take a good 'after' shot. I'll get that up for you guys this week. I'm kinda looking forward to seeing the difference myself!

So even though I was in White Plains eating on an expense account, I managed to hold steady for the week AND get in a couple of good workouts by Sunday. I didn't journal all week, which is a first for me since April, but I still managed to make super awesome choices even when the boys (aka my coworkers) were eating the cheese fries from Outback right in front of me. Bastards!

I'm back home this week and clinging to the hope to see a new number on the scale this Friday. I've been strength training consistently and hard for over a month now and I'm finding the process of making muscles fascinating! I think Joe might be a little sick of the daily "check out my muscles" requests though. Sorry, honey. :D
But every week I feel new definition in my thighs, arms and butt - it's so exciting!! Notice I didn't say abs though. I admit to not giving them enough attention, but it's not as though I've been completely neglecting them either. Does it just take forever to see results there or what?

Side note: 30 days til vacation!! Not that I'm counting or anything. ;)

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CaRoLyN said...

Glad to have you back! It's been 2 weeks and we've been going nuts!

Glad you made some awesome choices while you were away, that is amazing willpower...especially the cheese fries incident! Yikes!

Glad you are kicking ass in the exercise dept as well! Can't WAIT for the before and after pics.