Friday, October 19, 2007


They appeared this morning. The elusive 1-6 prefix on the scale.
It feels good.

Officially down 1.5 for the week, 23.7 total loss on WW.
Today's weigh in = 169.8

The weekend stares me in the face. Today has already been a semi-disaster with chinese for lunch. I should've just went home and had the usual ham sandwich, but at least I have a full week before weigh in. I know that the wedding tomorrow will involve cake. Here's hoping that it's cheesecake or lemon, or just a really bad, dried-out anykind of cake that discourages me from eating it. OR that my skinny pants I plan to wear make me so uncomfortable I can't eat it.

So the plan is as follows:

I'm attempting to keep better track of my flex points on the weekends. I had been letting it slide. Keeping up with it in my head isn't the greatest idea I've ever had. I will continue to journal everything again this weekend.

Get in as much water as possible Saturday morning before the wedding. But not so much that I have to go pee three times during the ceremony.

Rack up at least 8 activity points before Monday. Or, walk 4 miles tonight, 4 on Sunday. Shouldn't be a problem.

Be at (or under) what I was today on the scale when I step on it Monday morning.

**It's been a while since I've posted an update on this topic, but it's an important achievement for me. This Sunday marks 6 weeks since I've given up the Camel Lights. It feels GREAT!

Have a great weekend guys and gals!

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