Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Beware the Care Bear Stare!

Last night was trivia night.

The theme = scary.

Team Name = Care Bear Scare.

Me = awesome!

I'm still not exactly sure how I came up with Kubrick for directing The Shining. I'm not even a Kubrick fan.

But that was my shining moment (no pun intended) that led to our team's ultimate victory.

And so my friends, I had a realization that I must be a complete and utter dork. And I'm more than ok with that. See, for me, it's not about my body, or what I can or cannot wear that determines my worth. There's so much more to me than the shell I live in. Last night being the trivia MVP made me feel like the sexiest woman alive! :D

Nothing much else to report. I had a great weekend catching up on laundry, watching movies and planting some beautiful amber and burgandy mums. And of course, any weekend spent watching UGA kick the crap out of some Gators is NEVER a bad weekend. Woot!

I've found that when I have no plans for the weekend, it's so much easier to stay on track. Somehow, I've even managed to show a loss already this early in the week! (Holy Crap!)

I don't want to jinx myself, but this could turn into a really good week for WI on Friday. Here's hoping...


CaRoLyN said...

I LOVE game night and I'm super competitive so I would have been all over that! Glad you had a good time and you know that the number on the scale doesn't tell you who you are!

Randi said...

Yay trivia nerds! I've got a game called battle of the sexes I was a complete pro at both the girl questions and the boy questions. Everyone else (father in law) actually got mad at me and kept digging for the hardest questions because they were pissed I got them all right. So yeah it makes you feel cool but becareful you don't become a target!
Stay on track and you'll totally have that loss!